Goblin Rebirth Detail Their Relapse Debut

Goblin Rebirth Detail Their Relapse Debut
Goblin Rebirth, the Italian prog-rock offshoot of Goblin, have unveiled all the details behind their previously teased debut LP for metal imprint Relapse Records. The self-titled effort arrives June 30.

As previously reported, the project features Goblin bassist Fabio Pignatelli and drummer Agostino Marangolo, who have teamed up with guitarist Giacomo Anselmi and keyboardists Aidan Zammit and Danilo Cherni. While the band formed in 2010 to perform classics from the Goblin catalogue, the upcoming album is filled with original material.

The eight-song effort was produced by Pignatelli and tracked at the members' various home studios. The songs were born out of jam sessions and likewise touch on the horror-synth soundscaping and proggier textures of Goblin's repertoire, whether pulling influence from vintage soundtracks to SuspiriaZombi or Tenebre. In addition to the core quintet, Arnaldo Vacca added percussion to the LP, while Roberta Lombardini sang on the set as well.

Though previews have yet to arrive in full, Goblin Rebirth have let loose a trailer featuring snippets form a selection of songs. Among these, "Evil in the Machine" peppers a freaky but funky arrangement with robotic vocoder melodies, while "Requiem for X" features a particularly haunting mix of glockenspiel and black-hole synth droning.

You'll find the full tracklisting down below and the album art above. Relapse has a pre-order for vinyl pressings on "Pink/Gold Merge," silver and good old black wax over here.

In related news, a reissue of Goblin's score to director Michele Soavi's Demons sequel, La Chiesa (a.k.a. The Church), is being delivered through AMS on May 11. Described as "very gothic and super brooding," the collection also features work from Keith Emerson. Though a tracklisting has yet to be unveiled in full, the reissues is expected to include two previously unreleased pieces of music. Goblin also recently reissued Chi? as a 7-inch through AMS on Record Store Day.

Goblin Rebirth:

1. Requiem For X
2. Back in 74
3. Book of Skulls
4. Mysterium
5. Evil In The Machine
6. Forest
7. Bolero
8. Rebirth