Goblin Rebirth

"Requiem for X"

BY Gregory AdamsPublished May 4, 2015

While Fabio Pignatelli and Agostino Marangolo's Goblin offshoot is called Goblin Rebirth, the Italian prog-rock group's first full tease from their upcoming self-titled LP is actually about a goblin's death. You can hear their haunting "Requiem for X" online now.

The track had been part of an album teaser launched last week, but now you can check out the song in full. It features a damned disturbing blend of dulcimer tones, eerie synthesized whistling sounds and the chattering of a crew of creepoids before turning into a more amped-up prog rock passage.

If you like your instrumentals to be full of supernatural church organ, crushed drums and other assorted ominous textures, then this one's for you.

"The song is a prayer... It starts very sad, but it builds to become furious in the end," guitarist Giacomo Anselmi explained in a statement. "It tells the story of the death of a goblin. Fabio arranged the entire song. A child was supposed to sing the whistle melody at the beginning, but we changed it — we didn't want another 'School at Night.' It's unbelievable, a continuous crescendo until the song stops. That's the moment when X dies."

You can pay your respects to X by streaming the song down below. Goblin Rebirth's album arrives June 30 via Relapse Records.

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