Goblin Cock Prepare New Album

Goblin Cock Prepare New Album
Another of Pinback member Rob Crow’s numerous, diverse side-projects, Goblin Cock are a metal band that like to stir the pot. From bizarre sexual imagery to their head-turning band name, the band still managed to pull off a solid debut with Bagged And Boarded, which won over critics and received three Plug Award nominations. Now, the band have announced that their sophomore full-length, Come With Me If You Want To Live, will be released sometime in early 2009 via Absolutely Kosher.

While the band’s press release doesn’t mention the release date, it does point out that the album will feature songs about "undeniably HEAVY topics such as apparitional gloryhole afficienados, an ‘ode’ to Native American Green Beret Vietnam War Veteran, hapkido karate Hippie Billy Jack [which rivals his own themed penned by original Satanic Black Metal Gods "Coven"], comic books [of course] and a Power-Ballad devoted to homoerotic fetish artist Tom Of Finland.” The release also promises a North American tour in January and February, lovingly dubbed the "Cock Across America Tour.”

Come With Me If You Want To Live tracklisting:

1. "Hissless”
2. "Loch”
3. "Big Up Your Willies”
4. "We Got A Bleeder”
5. "Ode To Billy Jack”
6. "Beneath The Valley Of The Island Of Misfit Toys”
7. "Haint”
8. "Mylar”
9. "Tom's Song for [T.O.F.]”
10. "Trying To Get Along With Humans”

Goblin Cock "Stumped”