Gobble Gobble "Becoming Legion" / "Cat Eggs"

Gobble Gobble 'Becoming Legion' / 'Cat Eggs'
Gobble Gobble is the insanely ecstatic electronic project of Edmonton's own Cecil Frena. Growing up in hardcore bands, Frena has taken all of that energy and poured it into this project with some help from his friends. Live, they will melt your face, and on record, they pour out melodic, noisy dance music like some otherworldly avant-garde Venga Boys.

Earlier this month, Gobble Gobble dropped a new seven-inch via Pop Echo/Weird Canada. The glow-in-the-dark record, which features the gothy numbers "Becoming Legion" and "Cat Eggs," was limited to 99 copies and sold out at a single hometown show. Fortunately, the band have made both tracks available for download, complete with lyrics and album art.

Check out the songs here, and keep an eye out for Gobble Gobble in your town as part of their Mobile Rave Infinitour.