Go Jimmy Go! Slow Time

A traditional ska and rock-steady band from Hawaii? The idea is sure to inspire pictures of beautiful women wearing leis and strumming tropical ska on the beach. In reality, Go Jimmy Go sounds like a band coming straight out of the California traditional ska scene. The resemblance to Hepcat is apparent right from the go, and the laidback grooves, soulful crooning and harmonics place them firmly in the West Coast vein of ska. The music is solid, with understated bass, quiet upbeats and a slow tempo placing the attention on the singer. And unfortunately this is where the band isn't strong. For the most part, the vocals are sweet, but the requirements the music places upon the vocalist sometimes seem to be out of his range, although not enough to sour the listener. Slow Time is a solid rock-steady album, and for those of you who miss what Hepcat brought to the table, Go Jimmy Go could be the salve for that affliction. They're not Hepcat, but who is? (Jump Up)