Gluecifer Basement Apes

Sweden's self-proclaimed "kings of rock" return with a new release that begins with a detonation of stuttered guitar and steadfast drums raging with a force that matches any of their previous releases. However, a few noteworthy distinctions are made, as a handful of songs feature greater pop leanings, acoustic guitars and piano; one song even goes strangely astray into loopy Pink Floyd terrain. Noticeably, the extended guitar solos from earlier records are restrained and better attention is paid to direct song arrangements. Thankfully, the high-pitched yowl that occasionally surfaced on previous Gluecifer releases is less apparent here, and Biff Malibu's vocals sound far superior in a lower register. Although some fans of Gluecifer's previous metal penchant may be slightly disillusioned with their current path, Basement Apes nevertheless contains a number of songs that fume with an outstanding intensity. Basement Apes shows the band focusing on creating tuneful songs, rather than displays of technical prowess, and the result is a varied, rousing disc. (Steamhammer)