Glowworm The Coachlight Woods

With this debut, Glowworm add a worthy entry to post-rock’s already bulging canon. Taking cues from outfits like Mogwai and Explosions In The Sky, the record’s bread and butter are melody and tension. In creating tension, The Coachlight Woods distinguishes itself by virtue of its details. Front and centre among these details are the contributions of string player Tony Rogers, whose play on cello and viola is concise, versatile and intuitive. Just as important are the album’s ample ambient flourishes, which provide much-needed breathing room in the midst of the vigorous instrumental pomp that defines the record. On an album filled with as many exclamations as this one, these counterpoints are vital. Without them, the result would have been a considerably more tiring and predictable listen. Instead, this Portland, OR duo have created an engaging record built on clever melodic interactions that clearly define their sound. (Independent)