Glen Campbell Moved to Alzheimer's Care Facility

Glen Campbell Moved to Alzheimer's Care Facility
In 2011, veteran songwriter Glen Campbell announced that he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, and he completed a farewell tour in 2012. Now, the singer's condition has worsened to the point that he has been moved to an Alzheimer's care facility.

"There were five of us taking care of him and we were all completely exhausted," his wife Kim Woolen told People. "No one was getting any sleep and we were just struggling every second to keep him safe — we felt like it wasn't safe anymore."

The family also told Rolling Stone in a statement, "Sadly, Glen's condition has progressed enough that we were no longer able to keep him at home. He is getting fantastic care and we get to see him every day. Our family wants to thank everyone for their continued prayers, love and support."

Although news of Campbell's move to the facility is only now emerging, he's actually been there since late March. He apparently spends his days playing games and gardening, and he even has a guitar.

Campbell's farewell tour and struggle with Alzheimer's has been documented with the film Glen Campbell ... I'll Be Me. It's premiering at this year's Nashville Film Festival (which is on now). A wider release will presumably follow.