Glassjaw Everything You Wanted To Know About Silence

The prognosis for this band - before even listening to them - is not good. I mean, they're signed to Roadrunner, have had their music shaped by Ross Robinson and are being touted by Kerrang! as the next big thing. Usually, three strikes like that and you're out, but in the interest of interleague play, we'll give 'em a fighting chance. At least. Y'know, Glassjaw aren't all too bad after all. They do have their incredibly daft moments, like the wretched "Piano," "Her Middle Name Was Boom" and some of Daryl Palumbo's vocals are just bad. However, the band's music can be described as a cross between Edgefest rock (hence the use of the term "wretched"), nu-metal and some melodic hardcore exploration along the lines of the formidable noisecore of Drowningman. The next big thing? Nah, but at least you can listen to this without wanting to throw the CD across the room in disgust. (Roadrunner)