Glassio's Melancholy Disco Sets a Mellow Mood on 'For the Very Last Time'

Glassio's Melancholy Disco Sets a Mellow Mood on 'For the Very Last Time'
Glassio, the Queens, NY-based project of songwriter-producer Sam R., has made his full-length debut with For the Very Last Time — a synth-pop effort with a melancholy disco feel to it that is perfect for those evenings in, when you're just looking to chill out and vibe by yourself.

Glassio pulls from his own heartbreak while wrestling with self-acceptance, loneliness and life's sudden changes. You can see Glassio accepting his reality the deeper you delve into the LP, which plays out like a sweet coming-of-age story.

The contrast of Glassio's character in the beginning of the album and the end of the album really emphasises the idea that ignorance is bliss and the only way to heal is to look in the mirror and see exactly who you are.

"I wanna change for the very last time of my life," he sings on mid-album cut "Are You Having Fun Without Me?" — obviously implying that Glassio has already made changes in his life and would prefer not to alter himself any further. Ignorance is bliss, right?

Fast-forward to the last track of the album: on "Thunderbirds," Glassio has come to terms with himself and has accepted that perhaps he isn't yet the changed man he thought he was — the song ends with "I'm gonna change for the very first time." These two songs pair perfectly, tying together the themes of accepting one's shortcomings and moving on after personal loss.

For the Very Last Time is an impressive first record from Glassio. Utilizing dance influences as a vessel for intricate pop melodies, introspective lyrics and lush harmonies makes for a light, fun album that will really put you in your feels once you narrow in on the lyrics. It will be exciting to see what else Glassio brings to the table as he continues to develeop as an artist. (Dolphin Arcade)