Giving Chase A Cheap Print of a Masterpiece

Where Giving Chase really excel is in their ability to meld so many different styles of punk rock and come up with something unique and refreshing. Nearly every member of the group shares vocal duties, and all involved have their own distinct singing style — tough guy hardcore growls, throaty emo screams and poppy clean vocals come together in one cacophonous sound that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. At their root, Giving Chase are a hardcore band in the traditional sense. A Cheap Print is rife with punishing drums, old school NYHC-like breakdowns and call-and-response sing-alongs. All of that is coupled with Protest The Hero-like guitar noodling that’s neither out of place nor cheesy. This is an album that doesn’t let up for any of its 12 tracks and is well worth checking out. (Jump Start)