Gitogito Hustler Love & Roll

Japan’s Gitogito Hustler make punched up power pop coated in sugary vocals. Although it exists dangerously close to the edge of being annoyingly cute, Gitogito Hustler’s sound manages to stay on track throughout. Love & Roll is an album full of nothing but ear candy. Reminiscent of the Shangri La’s and the Go-Gos in their unadulterated full-on pop sensibilities, crunchy guitars, and popped up vocals, Gitogito Hustler wail through 11 bouncing tracks with names like "Maybe Love” and "It’s So Easy.” The former sets a tone early on for plenty of surf-inspired stylings, which add yet another nod to the band’s appreciation for the poppier side of rock’n’roll. Still, it’s evident from the start that Gitogito Hustler aren’t just about fun and fluff: they most definitely have defined themselves through unabashed enthusiasm and an energy often that is often unmatched. (Gearhead)