Git Some Loose Control

There are times when a musician's connection to previous successes is beneficial. Would we really care about the Mars Volta were it not for At The Drive-In? Debatable. However, the converse is entirely true as well. Imagine the face of every punker that picked up Dee Dee Ramone's hip-hop album based on his legacy. Such is the case with maniacal outfit Git Some. Pigeonholed into their respective category based on historical links to Planes Mistaken For Stars, that misleading tie only serves to confuse what's going on with the band's latest effort, Loose Control. These 13 numbers run the same track as their Git Some predecessors, but are far from PMFS material: wily, overactive shots of punked up rock'n'roll raping the spirit/agitation of pre-success Nirvana and lashing it to an overbearing post-punk foundation. Most of it works well when recognized as its own entity, featuring some fetching vocal wails and unequalled, intense delivery. Still, Planes association or not, Loose Control is solid and interesting, but needs some work to be completely captivating. As is, it leaves one feeling that while the album is decent, Git Some are more about the live essence than the recorded experience. (Alternative Tentacles)