Girlfriend Material "Peace Sign" (video)

Girlfriend Material 'Peace Sign' (video)
Members of Tokyo Police Club and Hollerado recently joined forces and unleashed their debut EP as Girlfriend Material, and now a track off that five-song offering has been given the video treatment.
The new clip for "Peace Sign" serves as an ode to the good old days — a.k.a. when people still used screensavers — and as such, the lyrics bounce back and forth across the screen in some of computer history's most hated fonts.
"For a while your computer would be an extension of your whole aesthetic presentation even when you weren't using it," bandleader Graham Wright told Indie88. "Everyone could see that you installed The Matrix code screensaver and your parents couldn't figure out how to turn it off. Now it's just a sea of dead black screens. That seems worse to me."
Relive the golden era of expressive idling screens by watching the "Peace Sign" clip below.