Ginla "Marooned" on Exclaim! TV

Ginla 'Marooned' on Exclaim! TV
After meeting in Boston while attending college, Joe Manzoli and Jon Nellen moved to Toronto and now make music under the name Ginla. Born out of a search for the creative freedom the two artists felt they weren't getting from other projects, the pair decided to experiment with analog synthesizers and effects pedals to create their incredibly textured sound. With a full-length record on the horizon, Manzoli and Nellen decided to demonstrate their newfound interest in organic elements live at this year's Wavelength Music Festival.

Exclaim! TV captured the group's spacey set on February 14 at the Polish Combatants Hall in Toronto, where the band performed "Marooned" — a track taken from last year's Dreaming in Circles EP.

In the performance, Nellen's shimmering synths and Manzoli's cleanly strummed electric guitar are supported by the steady rhythms of the duo's live drummer. Manzoli's soft vocals remain nearly inaudible underneath his bandmates multi-layered sounds, with the performer adding his own instrumentation into the mix with an airy, reverberating tremolo-picked guitar solo. Quickly crouching down to his pedal board, he opts to use a heavily modulated twinkling tone while Nellen backs him up with an active synth bassline.

Watch the band's performance now in the player below.

Filmed by Katherine Kwan and Kyle Laurin
Audio provided by Joe Strutt
Edited by Katherine Kwan
Filmed at Polish Combatants Hall in Toronto, Ontario