Gilbert Switzer / The Hold State of Nature

This split seven-inch features a remarkable amount of songs in a very short span of time. Young upstart band Gilbert Switzer aim to make punk rock songs that steer away from too much thought to song structure and instead focus on the sense of wonder and excitement that can be heard from punk’s early acts. Armed only with a two piece drum kit (played standing up), a guitar and gravelly, slipshod vocals, this Halifax trio play fast, lo-fi songs that are as playful as they are furious. On the other side the Hold grind out four songs that have a straightforward street sound. Lyrically they delve into pretty standard territory — nonconformity, one finger salutes to the nine to five world, etc — but should sit well with fans of gritty, rough-around-the-edges, no frills punk. Both bands play fast and loud and have a knack for getting to the point and getting on to the next song. (Divorce)