BY Bradley Zorgdrager Published Jul 3, 2012

A self-titled album is often defining to a band's sound and career, which might suggest a release's title track should also be representative of the sound found within. However, if that was the case, fans would walk away disappointed in Gideon's Milestone, the titular track of which is a beautiful acoustic interlude. This is in sharp contrast to the rest of the release, which is a mid-paced, breakdown-heavy metalcore affair. "Prodigal Son," "Bad Blood," "Gutter" and "Still Alive" stand out as Milestone's actual moments of worth, with the breakdowns' weight matching their frequency and the riffs that divide them up driving the songs forward with palatable energy. Although no numbers are awful, sometimes the heft of the breakdowns and mid-paced riffs drag songs down to a less energetic level. However, if you think the Ghost Inside went too soft on their most recent offering, Milestone is the perfect record for you.

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