Ghostface Killah "Blood in the Streets" (ft. AZ)

Ghostface Killah 'Blood in the Streets' (ft. AZ)
Ghostface Killah has been giving us plenty of sneak peeks behind his upcoming concept record, 36 Seasons, with the latest soulful instalment detailing inner-city conflicts between himself and the police. Titled "Blood in the Streets," you can sample the song down below.

Stirred up with a sassy brass intro, the track soon dials up the tension with a caffeinated boom bap and twiddling guitar work. Ghost notes up front that he's in "revenge mode" (don't forget, we already learned he was a victim of a "Double Cross"). Atop the busy beat, you'll find out all about what happened once he put his "killah face on." AZ once again stops by to sum up the situation on his own words.

You may notice that the artwork up above labels the song as "Blood on the Streets," while pre-order info and this YouTube video itself labels the track "Blood in the Streets." We'll find out the track name for sure when 36 Seasons arrives in full December 9 through Salvation/Tommy Boy.