Ghettosocks Treat of the Day

Those who have yet to hear Ghettosocks should; he's bound to blow up. Influenced by Golden Age hip-hop, Ghettosocks keeps his flow simple but tight, making it all the easier to understand his layered metaphors and witty wordplay. His subject matter is playful braggadocio emphasizing his skills at rapping, shoplifting and picking up girls, along with the occasional "back-in-the-day" track and songs about true-to-self integrity. His beats ― supplied by Backburner producers Fresh Kils and Dexter Doolittle, Alpha Flight partner Bix and Halifax legend Jorun Bombay, amongst others ― are primarily smooth, laidback grooves that work with Ghettosocks's flow and laidback swagger. But it would be nice to hear him more often over up-tempo tracks, like his back-and-forth with Timbuktu on "Rock the Discotech," his appearance alongside D-Sisive, Rich Kidd and Muneshine on posse cut "You Ain't This" or his solo destruction of Snap's "The Power" for the self-produced "Take Chains Off." Socks also holds his own on collabs with underground heavy hitters Pumpkinhead, El Da Sensei and Cesar Comanche. Treat of the Day is a tasty one indeed, and likely to make you phat. (Independent)