Get Reviews of Scott Walker, Mogwai, Memory Tapes and More in This Week's New Release Roundup

Get Reviews of Scott Walker, Mogwai, Memory Tapes and More in This Week's New Release Roundup
Tis the season to be checking out all the new releases by some of your favourite artists. So remember to head over to Exclaim!'s Recently Reviewed section to get access to loads of reviews for the newest music releases. Also, make sure you check out this week's highlights below.

Let's kick things off with Scott Walker's new record Bish Bosch, which earned the Exclaim! Mark of Excellence this week. The record is both tonally and lyrically superb, mixing Walker's signature dramatic, industrial, Foley-driven horror movie soundtrack with his inimitable, mock-operatic vocals.

Next, the Scottish post-rock kings Mogwai have released their remix album A Wrenched Virile Lore, a collection of remixes that strip away Mogwai's usual dense atmospheric sound and replaces it with pulsating synths and polyrhythmic drum machines.

The New Jersey-based producer and musician Dayve Hawk, also known as Memory Tapes, has released his Grace/Confusion record. Hawk has replaced the poppy tracks from his previous release Piano Player with clean production and groove-based tracks loaded with hooks that last well over six minutes. Also, San Franciscan Jesse Cafiero has released his latest under the moniker Split Screens.

Dream Boat have dropped their Eclipsing record, making excellence use of vocalist Page Campbell's whispery, doe-like delivery. And lastly, for Exclaim!'s metalheads, the since forgotten Quebec death metal band Gorelust have debuted the re-release of their 1995 album Reign of Lunacy. This record features a slightly more technical, less bass-heavy sound than more contemporary bands in the genre make use of, resulting in something more accessible to the listener.

To read full reviews of these new releases and more, check out Exclaim!'s Recently Reviewed section and take a look at the New and Forthcoming Release Dates page for updates.

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