Get Fucked Get Fucked

Obviously making friends and influencing people with their cute and cuddly moniker, Philly’s Get Fucked are nothing if not abrasive in every musical way. Featuring members of LickGoldenSky, the Now and Neil Perry, Get Fucked deliver chaotic, noisy, overly distorted hardcore noise that cycles, rips, rends and tears in a tantrum of feedback and distortion. Tracks like the opener, "Inside The 8lb. Dorn Fire,” feature cycling maelstroms, heavy breakdowns, frantic tempos and a mandate to redline everything on the mixing board, especially the vocals. Sure it’s sloppy, and apparently recorded and mixed in a day (sounds like it too), and the vocals are way too low in spots, but its frantic style of musical erosion, coupled with some almost catchy moments (still utterly distorted) make this difficult listen a little easier to stomach. Get Fucked also keep it short, to their credit, clocking in at just over 17 minutes, and even as it becomes samey towards the end of the record, it doesn’t lose its impact. Like a rabid hedgehog suffering from violent spasms, Get Fucked wants you to get the hell away from them and will hurt you if you get too close. (Level Plane)