Gerard Way Signs to Warner Bros. for Solo Debut

Gerard Way Signs to Warner Bros. for Solo Debut
With My Chemical Romance having officially called it quits back in 2013, former vocalist Gerard Way is now gearing up for a solo career.

A newly revealed website has the pop-punk vocalist weighing in on all sorts of artistic projects he'll be presenting via the online hub, from personal drawings to forthcoming plans to jump back into his Umbrella Academy comic book series. Though he cops to "continuing full-steam into comics, art and more," My Chemical Romance fans may be more interested in the reveal that Way's inked up with Warner Bros. for an LP of new music under his own name.

"I am pleased to let you know I am now signed as a solo artist Warner Bros Records," he confirmed in his blog post. "My album is near completion, and you should expect to hear things in the near future, even today actually — with a brief snippet of what is to come. I am excited. It's starting again."

The website currently features a mostly instrumental passage of fuzzed-out guitars, distorted vocals and a sax-blastin' finale. It's unclear at present what the song is called, or when Way's album will hit stores. For now, you can sample the snippet over here.

Earlier this year, My Chemical Romance issued the posthumous best-of, May Death Never Stop You.