Gerard Way Shares Christmas Song "Dasher"

Gerard Way Shares Christmas Song 'Dasher'
While former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way recently celebrated both Halloween and flu season, he's now turning his attention to Christmas itself via a new yuletide original. It's called "Dasher," and you can check it out now.

"'Dasher' is about a girl who falls in love with a reindeer," Way said in a statement. "The reindeer thinks she's pretty great too. They have adventures, they talk about life. The song is also about the magic sometimes hidden in the mundane."

The song features guest Lydia Night of the Regrettes, and you can listen to "Dasher" via the lyric video below.

At this point, it's still unclear if the recent output will lead to a full-length album to follow-up Way's 2014 solo debut Hesitant Alien.