George Harrison's All Things Must Pass Gets 40th Anniversary Reissue

George Harrison's <i>All Things Must Pass</i> Gets 40th Anniversary Reissue
Of all the solo albums released by former Beatles members, George Harrison's 1970 opus All Things Must Past is perhaps the closest to capturing the sound and feeling of the band's classic work, which makes sense, given that many of the triple LP's 23 tracks were initially intended as Beatles songs. This November marks the 40th anniversary of the album's initial release, and to mark the occasion, it will be receiving the reissue treatment.

The triple-vinyl box will drop on November 26. In addition to the three LPs on 180-gram vinyl, the set will include a recreation of the original packaging, poster and album artwork. According Harrison's official website, the tracks were remastered at Abbey Road Studios using the original master tapes.

A limited edition, numbered version will be put out exclusively through U.S. stores that participate in Record Store Day. It will also be released internationally in non-numbered form.

On the same day as the vinyl drops, the newly remastered version of the album will be available for download exclusively from Harrison's website.

This isn't the first time that All Things Must Pass has been reissued. An expanded edition was put out in 2001, containing colour artwork plus a handful of bonus tracks.

All Things Must Pass:

Side A:

1. "I'd Have You Anytime"
2. "My Sweet Lord"
3. "Wah-Wah"
4. "Isn't It a Pity (Version 1)"

Side B:

1. "What Is Life"
2. "If Not For You"
3. "Behind That Locked Door"
4. "Let It Down"
5. "Run of the Mill"

Side C:

1. "Beware of Darkness"
2. "Apple Scruffs"
3. "Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll)"
4. "Awaiting On You All"
5. "All Things Must Pass"

Side D:

1. "I Dig Love"
2. "Art of Dying"
3. "Isn't It a Pity (Version 2)”
4. "Hear Me Lord"

Side E:

1. "Out of the Blue"
2. "It's Johnny's Birthday"
3. "Plug Me In"

Side F:

1. "I Remember Jeep"
2. "Thanks for the Pepperoni"