Georg Levin Can't Hold Back

Georg Levin can’t hold back on this album, nor should he. Can’t Hold Back is a reincarnation of the electro-funk ’70s sound with a new millennium vibe. Not only does Levin drop all the vocals on this album; he is truly a triple threat as a singer, songwriter and producer. Can’t Hold Back is a funky, laid-back, groove album with solid beats, neck snappin’ bass lines and eclectic, rhythmically arranged vocals — we have Jazzanova (executive producers) to thank for that. If you imagine Roy Ayers jammin’ with Remy Shand with an old school funky rhyme to an effortlessly smooth nu school funky vocal, you’ll instinctively get Can’t Hold Back. Some notables have already worked their remixing magic on several Levin tracks. To name but a few, DJ Spinna has reworked "In Your Car” and Basement Jaxx has dropped a killer remix to "You Know What You Want But You Won’t Get It.” Masters At Work single-handedly brought the underground hit "(I Got) Somebody New” to the forefront of every DJ’s set. Can’t Hold Back will no doubt redefine soul music into a realm not yet ventured by Levin’s contemporaries. It’s a level yet to be consciously defined but there’s nothing holding this album back. (Sonar)