Genesis Say Reuniting with Peter Gabriel Would Be "Weird" and "Uphill"

Genesis Say Reuniting with Peter Gabriel Would Be 'Weird' and 'Uphill'
Last month, Genesis's Phil Collins, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford confirmed reunion plans without founding member Peter Gabriel and prog-era guitarist Steve Hackett, instead bringing Phil's teenage son, Nic Collins, and Daryl Stuermer into the fold. Now, the three core members have explained their lineup decisions in a new interview.

In conversation with Mojo, Phil Collins explained, "I think a reunion with Steve and Pete would be uphill. Playing with Mike and Tony is the easy option."

Rutherford added, "I know people love the idea that the five of us will get together again, but the songs most people know and love are from the last 40 years. Peter left so long ago. I really don't know what we could do with him now."

Banks echoed his bandmates, saying: "As much as I love those early albums, it would be weird to just do songs from that period."

Gabriel, who left Genesis in 1975, has not performed with the group since a one-off reunion show in 1982. In 2005, he met with his former bandmates to discuss the idea of reforming, but soon grew weary of the potential time commitment.

"It was growing into this bigger thing and I had all these other ideas that I wanted to do," Gabriel told Rolling Stone in 2011. "I could feel the suction of the black hole. I get on pretty well with everybody — it wasn't personal issues — I just didn't want to lose that sort of light-footedness that I enjoy now… We had a great run. They did way better after I left anyway. So I don't know think anyone has anything to complain about."

Two years on from that meeting, Collins, Banks and Rutherford would hit the road for the "Turn It on Again Tour," which brought them to North America and Europe. Their recently announced "The Last Domino?" trek will mark the end of a 13-year hiatus from the live stage.

Next month, Genesis will air three archival concerts as part of their ongoing virtual film festival.