Gene Simmons Invades the Great White North

Gene Simmons Invades the Great White North
Whether you like it or not Canada, Gene Simmons is setting up shop in the Great White North. Through the Kiss bassist's latest entrepreneurial venture, Simmons Records, he's begun sniffing out Canadian talent and looking for unsigned bands to join his all-Canadian imprint, which is partnered up Universal Music Canada.

"The mandate of Simmons Records is Canadian," Simmons recently told CBC Radio, "not only content but Canadian bands, and we're going to make sure that the next generation of world stars that emanate from Canada - they won't have to [move to the U.S.]."

The label has yet to ink any deals but it is currently soliciting demos over at the imprint's website (if the bands follow the rules, that is). Also, according to Ottawa Xpress, Simmons has been courting Ontario self-described "post-rock/post-hardcore" outfit Final Thought, who reportedly played a private showcase for the star after he heard their new EP, Take This Home.

And just in case you feel the urge to make light of Mr. Simmons and his Canadian label (which by the way, he talks is apparently the only one), watch your step. In response to a January 26 Idolator story headlined "Gene Simmons Is Going to Lick Up Some Canadian Bands for the Purposes of Profit," the Kiss man fired back with this:

"Here's an amateur who'' achieved nothing in his life. Read it. You will see the built in bias...t he arrogance of U.S. media. What are YOU and I going to do about it? We're going to shame this guy into submission. We will send him and his ilk back to fish wrapping factory they escaped from.

"How are we going to do it? We're going to find, develop, nurture and launch new talent emanating from - CANADA!!! That's right, baby. Why here? Because you actually DO have the talent. And now, you have a WAY.


And if that wasn't already enough scolding, Simmons finished the message off by saying: "Oh, and the asshole who posted the story? He gets no free tix, no backstage passes, and therefore, he won't have access to our parties and our girls. All naysayers can get in line. It forms over there... to my left."

In the wake of that bit of nastiness, we're just going to keep our mouths shut and head straight to the video.

Gene Simmons "Firestarter"