Gehenna Land of Sodom II

Gehenna's Land of Sodom was originally released by tiny Vancouver, BC label Hit The Deck. Much loved by fans and considered something of a lost release due to distribution problems, Land of Sodom was a rare black gem. Luckily for us, A389 has re-released the EP as a seven-inch and retooled it as Land of Sodom II. Updates include some re-recorded material and (slightly) better production quality. However, since virtually nobody has heard the original, the differences are moot. All you need to know is that Land of Sodom II is just about as black a release as a group could possibly produce. If a demonic wood chipper could make music, it would sound something like Land of Sodom II: an unrelenting barrage of blast beats and thrash riffs so oppressive and intense you'll be gasping for air. A truly impressive release with only four tracks (one of which is an instrumental piece, which doesn't really count), the EP will leave you hiding in your closet to escape the demons coming out of your stereo. Enjoy! (A389)