GAYNGS "Cry" (Godley & Creme cover)

GAYNGS 'Cry' (Godley & Creme cover)
With the guest-loaded debut from GAYNGS just around the corner, the band have given us a new music vid to help stir our excitement. The video for the group's cover of "Cry," the '80s hit originally done by nu-Balearic influencers Godley & Creme.

The cover, which we have to say is quite sweet, will appear on GAYNGS' Relayted when it drops via Jagjaguwar on May 11. As we previously told you, the record comes boasting guest appearances from Bon Iver, the Rosebuds, Megafaun and P.O.S.

The video for GAYNGS' version of "Cry" is down below, with a download of the track available here.  And for fun, we've also included the original Godley & Creme vid and the song's amazing appearance on Miami Vice.