Gatecreeper Return with Surprise New Album 'An Unexpected Reality'

Hear the eight-track follow-up to 'Deserted' now
Gatecreeper Return with Surprise New Album 'An Unexpected Reality'
After sharing sophomore album Deserted in October 2019, Gatecreeper have returned with follow-up full-length effort. You can stream the Arizona outfit's An Unexpected Reality in its entirety below.

Arriving today through Closed Casket Activities, the eight-track An Unexpected Reality is said to lay bare "two opposing sides of the band's musical personality."

The first side of An Unexpected Reality lines up seven songs with a running time of less than seven minutes, inspired by grind, punk and hardcore. On the album's opposite side, listeners will find 11-minute track "Emptiness," capturing Gatecreeper "at their slowest and most funereal."

In a statement, vocalist Chase Mason explained that the format of An Unexpected Reality was partly inspired by early Black Flag. "When I was getting really into sludge and stoner metal like the Melvins and Eyehategod, they always referenced the B-side of ​My War​," Mason says. "Hearing bands talk about not just a record but a specific ​side​ of a record, I thought that was really cool and it always stuck with me."

Of An Unexpected Reality, Mason concludes, "This release was an opportunity to experiment and expand on different ideas within the Gatecreeper formula. It doesn't necessarily signify a new direction for the band, but we'll definitely have a couple new tools in our toolbox moving forward."

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