Gary Clark Jr. "When My Train Pulls In" (video)

Gary Clark Jr. 'When My Train Pulls In' (video)
Blues rock guitar ripper Gary Clark Jr. has revisited his Blak and Blu LP to bring us a video for the album's "When My Train Pulls In."

Directed by Carmela Makela, the video follows two stories. One involves a young teenager who has sex with her high-school boyfriend, and the other follows a young family struggling to make ends meet.

The storyline involving the sex scene (which is hardly graphic, though you should still probably use discretion while watching), almost didn't make the final cut, but Makela fought for it. "I was told to take out the sex scene but I fought for it. I drove to Warner Brothers and asked to speak to the marketing manager and explain from a woman's perspective," she told NOWNESS. "It's that weird time before you are an adult, before you know — as a girl — that sex is supposed to feel good and you are supposed to know your worth, or that you have a choice."

Watch the video for "When My Train Pulls In" below.