Garnet Sweatshirt Curse of the Canadian Rock Star

Here's a match we didn't see coming: wise-ass trash-rock evangelist Chris Houston with classic rock god Randy Bachman, and Brian Goble (Subhumans, DOA) chipping in on bass and a few vocals. Bachman's presence is undeniable; it's a beautiful thing to hear his monster fuzz sound on the power chords to "Idea So Stupid" and the lead on the bluesy "Sell Yer Hole." Houston is sounding more like Iggy Pop in his old age and both he and Goble toss off tirades only mildly as amusing as their punk past: titles like "New Millennium Boogie" and "Mad at Something" aren't terribly inspiring. And sadly, the title track doesn't nearly live up to the promise of its lyrics: "Hello, does anyone recognise me?/ I used to be a big cheese in the 1970s/ Canadian music industry/ Now I just hold court from behind the counter/ Renting P.A.'s from Long & McQuade." (Audio Monster)