"Even Though Our Love Is Doomed" (lyric video)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished May 27, 2016

The workweek began with the unveiling of a new Garbage video, and it's being capped with another. Following up the band's first Strange Little Birds preview, "Empty," the alt-rock group are exploring the savageness of our hearts with new tune "Even Though Our Love Is Doomed."

Presented as a lyric video, the single is filled with decrepit and decayed piano and Shirley Manson's mournful hush. As lightly plunked strings enter the arrangement, she exclaims, "I need to understand why we kill the things we love the most."

As the lyrics pass across the screen, we see various collisions of beautiful beasts. You'll find winter bobcats chasing snow hares, cheetahs prowling after gazelles, and even some interspecies battle cats going at each other's throats.

Contemplate your own messy relationships and peep the video down below.

As previously reported, Garbage's Strange Little Birds will be released June 10 through the group's own STUNVOLUME.

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