Gang Gang Dance Rawwar

Trying to label Gang Gang Dance is a pointless exercise. The New York group’s combination of leftfield electronics, percussion-focused grooves and tribal chaos fills a unique void, making explanations difficult and classification nearly impossible. But it’s this quality that makes releases like Rawwar so intriguing. The 20-minute, three-track EP picks up where the 2005 full-length, God’s Money, left off, delving deep into psychedelic jungle-like terrain and adding a few twists along the way. While "Nicoman” and "Oxygen Demo Riddim” showcase a denser dance floor-oriented sound, 11-minute closer "The Earthquake That Frees Prisoners” explores a more collage-based approach full of frequent structural shifts and a chilling spoken word dialogue from deceased band member Nathan Maddox. But even with synth keys and digital drums playing a larger role, Rawwar is more of an extension than departure. And any extension on Gang Gang Dance’s already unique sound is a welcome one. (Social Registry)