Games "Everything Is Working" / "Heartlands"

Games 'Everything Is Working' / 'Heartlands'
Dan Lopatin is proving to be an increasingly tough guy to follow. Doing time in such left-field sound-making groups as Infinity Widow, Skyramps and Astronaut (3), the kosmische traveller has jumped non-stop from one project to next. And while the Brooklynite seems to finally be settling down with his best known project, Lopatin's solo moniker Oneohtrix Point Never, he's once again adding another name to the pile with Games

Formed alongside Tiger City's Joel Ford, the duo are prepping the release of their first seven-inch for boutique label Hippos in Tanks. Due out August 16, the release comes with the A-side "Everything Is Working" and the flip "Heartlands," both which are now streaming on Games' MySpace.

But if you're expecting Oneohtrix's droning, open-ended synth-scapes, you won't find them here. Instead, expect to ride a few chill waves as Lopatin and Ford use their shimmering synth/beat combo to break out some jams that flirt with summery G-funk R'n'B, '80s dream pop and, yes, that hazy soft-focus vibe that Washed Out and Neon Indian spent the last year capitalizing on. And in a sense, Lopatin and Ford have just raised the bar on chillwave game, proving that an ultra-laid-back feel doesn't have to come at the expense of inventive composition and killer production value.

The "Everything Is Working" seven-inch is due out on August 16, and can be pre-ordered here. It's limited to 1,000 copies, so you might want to get on it. In the meantime, you can listen to Games here.