Gal Gracen "The Hard Part Begins" (video)

Gal Gracen 'The Hard Part Begins' (video)
Though dances were once referred to as "socials," it can sometimes take a while to get all those wallflowers out on the floor. As the new video for Vancouver soft rock project Gal Gracen suggests, all you really need to get the party going is a visit from an enchanting, larger-than-life, basically naked stranger.

Directed by Ben Jacques (Black Mountain, White Lung), the video for "The Hard Part Begins" finds Gal Gracen founder Patrick Geraghty looking forlorn at an ill-attended event at a local hall. While he could shuffle his feet with an assortment of malaise-stricken shy-guys and pizza munchers, his eyes instead become all aglow for a CGI chicken in a top hat that's got a few fresh moves.

"The Hard Part Begins" is the title track to a new cassette release that Geraghty's own DISNY imprint issues on September 22. A release party will be held the same day at Vancouver venue the Lido.

For now, watch the brand new video below.

Tour dates:

09/22 Vancouver, BC - The Lido
09/30 Vancouver, BC - WISE Hall *

* with TOPS