G. O'Brien/Various Superstition Audio Files

Superstition is a German label that has been around for many years and has released many quality techno and trance albums that have found favour with DJs like Carl Cox and Sasha. As one would expect from a mix of the Superstition catalogue, the tracks are all four-on-the-floor beats with synth melodies that are either melodic or haunting. There are certainly no big breakdowns, snare-rolls or breathy female vocals. Label stalwart Oliver Lieb appears under various pseudonyms, such as L.S.G., S.O.L., and Phools Inc., as does the ever-reliable Humate. Lieb's tracks are among the best on the album, especially "Jillanity" and "Asymmetric," which proves he is still a master of techno and trance. Moped John's "Hyper Harmonic" lives up to its name and Mono Meltdown's "Analog Past" has a great slap bass line. O'Brien's mixing is good, if unsurprising, and the tracks flow very well, although the beginning of the disc is perhaps a bit too energetic. I would have preferred a slower start. If you already know the Superstition label, this is a worthy representation of their sound. For others who like trance, it's worth checking out. (Beatbuzz)