"Big Body Benz" (video)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Nov 21, 2014

If, indeed, all 50 Cent and the rest of G-Unit wanted was a "Big Body Benz," as previously explained in the Beauty of Independence bonus track of the same name, the guys seem to be doing pretty well for themselves. You'll find the team repping their whip and its clean set of rims in a new music video.

Kidd Kidd takes the first crack at the track, talking about a lifetime spent selling product instead of burgers, much to his mom's chagrin. As he rolls off bars about getting street fame, the video jumps back and forth in time to show lil' Kidd eyeballing his dream car.

Both 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks chime in to explain how they were able to get so filthy rich, while palling around with the rest of the troupe and a couple of ladies in their warehouse headquarters. You'll see the hip-hop-scored car commercial down below.

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