G-Side Gz II Godz

G-Side Gz II Godz
After a short musical separation following their fifth album, Southern rap duo G-Side is back with the release of Gz II Godz, and the pair is not conforming to anything the current mainstream hip-hop sound has to offer. The independent rap game just isn't paying and Hunstville, Alabama natives ST 2 Lettaz and Young Clova admit that the two have money on their minds. The independent hustle never ends, as G-Side returns after a year hiatus with their carefully constructed and fervent offering.

G-Side's hunger is evident on the 14-track project; they serve up quality Southern atmospheric trap rap with meaningful storytelling over Block Beattaz beats that are each more complex and abstract than the last. In an era drowning in 808s and synths, the diverse project is an invigorating buffet, proving that the pair knows who they are sonically but aren't afraid to experiment.

With electronic loops on "1 Thing," elaborate guitar riffs on "Statue," deep bass and hard-knocking drums on "Bassheadz," smooth jazzy numbers like "Dead Fresh" and "2004" and space-rap cuts like "Muffins II," the album is a whole solar system of sound. The duo slow things down on "Gold" and "In Luv With Jhene Aiko," the sultry latter number sampling seductive vocals from Jhene's single "Bed Peace" as they tackle relationship topics.

The honest and respectable lyrical aptitude of both ST and Clova shine through in their story of two southern trappers looking for a way to make their music and balance paying bills, despite the six-album legacy they've constructed.

Those hardships say a lot about the current state of the independent music scene; it's hard out there for the underground, but G-Side's passionate return is worthy of their transition from Gz II Godz. (Independent)