Futureheads Ready "Complicated" New Album

Futureheads Ready 'Complicated' New Album
UK post-punk revivalists the Futureheads have announced plans for their upcoming fourth album. The record, which will be a follow-up to last year's This Is Not the World, is mixed and ready for a release.

In an interview with BBC 6music [via NME], guitarist Ross Millard described the band's experiences.

"We've been putting the finishing touches to the album and it's ready to go right now," he said. "We're really excited about this stuff, we've spent a lot of time making this record, and in fact we've made a lot of it in the North East for the first time. It feels like we've been able to concentrate on things."

That concentration has apparently resulted in a new sound for the band, as Millard says, "It's forked off into two directions, our last album was very direct. With this record we didn't want to do that again, the songs are a lot more complicated. I've had to go back to practising the guitar to even play half these riffs."

No title or release date for the album has been set, but if it's all recorded and mixed, it can't be too long.