The Futureheads Go A Cappella for 'Rant'

The Futureheads Go A Cappella for 'Rant'
Over the past decade, the Futureheads have honed a hard-hitting, popped-up post-punk sound, but fans of the the British group are going to get something totally different from the forthcoming Rant, which consists entirely of a cappella arrangements.

In a statement, singer (and guitarist, although not on this album) Ross Millard said, "If we were gonna carry on making music we needed to change it up. Making another Futureheads record as per usual wasn't something that appealed to us. We've always been a four-part harmony group; it's been a massive part of the genetics of this band."

The album is made up of vocal reworkings of past Futureheads songs, plus a number of covers; these include songs by the Black Eyed Peas, Richard Thompson and Sparks, among others.

The band wrote on their official website, "We're not turning our back on the 'Rock' forever, we just want you to hear us like this, because four-part harmony has been so important in the music we've made since day 1."

Rant is slated to come out through the Futureheads' own Nul Records on April 2 in the UK, at which point the band will embark on a tour in their homeland (see the here). There's no word as to the North American release date, however.

In the meantime, check out the tracklist and hear the a cappella version of "Robot" below.


1. Meantime
2. Meet Me Halfway (The Black Eyed Peas cover)
3. Robot
4. Beeswing (Richard Thompson cover)
5. Thursday
6. Sumer Is Icumen In (traditional)
7. The Keeper (traditional)
8. The No. 1 Song in Heaven (Sparks cover)
9. The Old Dun Cow (traditional)
10. Acapella (Kelis cover)
11. Man Ray
12. Heartbeat Song (digital bonus track)