Full of Hell's New Album Will Be a Companion LP to 'Trumpeting Ecstasy'

Full of Hell's New Album Will Be a Companion LP to 'Trumpeting Ecstasy'
When Full of Hell announced details for their forthcoming new album, Weeping Choir, some keen fans may have noticed the album art is the inverted image of 2017's Trumpeting Ecstasy cover.
In an interview with Exclaim, vocalist Dylan Walker confirmed the two records are connected not only through the album art but also the lyrical topics.
"The record is definitely a sister record to Trumpeting Ecstasy. I wanted to aesthetically create the foil to Trumpeting, so Mark [McCoy, visual artist and musician] was super crucial. He's always the guy that kind of comes in and reads all of the lyrics and makes a true distillation of it in physical form and that in turn helps me kind of come up with an overarching feel to the whole record."
The vocalist went on to explain the lyrics are purposefully left open for interpretation, but are a direct continuation of the themes discussed on their 2017 record.
"I guess all I can say is that Trumpeting was like a bubble being popped in my personal life and kind of like a very 'moment in time' record just based on what was going on in the Western world. Weeping Choir is kind of all that's left in the wake of that. It's definitely meant to be a more sombre record."
Weeping Choir is available for pre-order here, and you can find Full of Hell's complete tour itinerary here. The album arrives May 17 on Relapse Records.