Fugazi's Brendan Canty Announces Debut Album with Deathfix

Fugazi's Brendan Canty Announces Debut Album with Deathfix
While Brendan Canty is best known as the drummer of Fugazi, he has also contributed to a number of projects throughout his lengthy career, such as branching off into the world of film with TrixieFilm and playing drums in Bob Mould's backing band. It was while doing the latter that he met Rich Morel and the two formed their own band, Deathfix. It's under this name that they will release their self-titled album through Dischord Records.

Due out early in 2013, the collection features nine songs, with Canty and Morel playing guitar and keyboards, respectively, and splitting vocal duties. The Washington, DC-based project's lineup includes bassist Mark Cisneros and drummer Devin Ocampo, who both contributed their own ideas to arrangements.

The material is reportedly inspired by glam and progressive rock from the '70s. A press release notes, "Some of the songs are concise, some are sprawling and borderline psychedelic."

Get a taste for what to expect from the group by listening to the ominously climatic "Low Lying Dreams" below.

The band originally formed in 2009 and began playing live two years later. Unfortunately, there is no firm due date yet for their debut album.