Fugazi Ready 'First Demo' Release

Fugazi Ready 'First Demo' Release
While it may not be the grand return fans have been holding out hope for since Fugazi went on hiatus over a decade ago, the influential post-hardcore greats have announced they'll soon be delivering a newly repackaged version of their first demo tape through Dischord Records.

Marking the first proper release from the group since 2001's The Argument and its accompanying "Furniture" 7-inch, the aptly titled First Demo will contain material from the band's earliest recording session at Virginia's Inner Ear Studio in 1988. An official street date has yet been given for the release, but Dischord revealed on its website that it should be out sometime in the winter

Ten tracks from the 11-song session had previously made it onto a demo cassette that had been passed out for free at early shows, including early versions of "Waiting Room" and "Merchandise," with the recording's "In Defense of Humans" also having been collected onto Discord's State of the Union compilation in 1989. The release also contains "Turn Off Your Guns," which had been left off the initial release.

First Demo follows similar Dischord releases, including this year's First Demo 12/29/80 from S.O.A. and the mid-'80s Six Song Demo from Fugazi members Guy Picciotto and Brendan Canty's Rites of Spring.

Despite a lack of physical Fugazi releases over the last dozen-plus years, the group have been steadily delivering concert recordings via their massive online concert database since 2011.