Fucked Up Plot Record Release Weekend, Reveal Label Strife

Fucked Up Plot Record Release Weekend, Reveal Label Strife
If you live in Toronto, mark your calendars. If you live anywhere else, book your flights. Toronto hardcore juggernauts Fucked Up have announced the album release weekend for their upcoming Chemicals of Common Life LP. Running from October 30 to November 1 at Sneaky Dee's, details of the weekend are scarce. If it’s anything like the release of Hidden World, it will be more of a music festival than anything.

"Fucked Up Weekends” have become an annual occurrence in Toronto, having attracted punk and hardcore bands from all over the world to play with the epic unit. Last year’s fest, which featured dd/mm/yyyy, the Tranzmitors, Career Suicide, Brutal Knights and many more, was recently captured on the Fucked Up Weekend DVD.

In a recent post on their blog, Fucked Up also revealed information about the reason they left Jade Tree after just one album:

We signed to Jade Tree a bit in haste because we had studio time booked with no money and needed to find a label in like a week in order to get the studio paid for. Those guys were really nice and seemed interested in working with the band and doing their label. We did our part by recording a good album and doing a lot of touring, but as soon as the record came out they dropped off the face of the earth — the two main people behind the label got second jobs midway through our contract and were never at the office, and we started having trouble ever getting in touch from them, and also ever figuring out what exactly they were doing for our record. It became clear when we were on tour last summer that it was not a good fit for us to be on Jade Tree. The process of Fucked Up trying to leave Jade Tree took place between August 2007 and June 2008, when we finally signed a contract with Matador. Getting answers from them during that time was like pulling teeth, and we feel as a band that we lost two years on Jade Tree between putting out a record with no label support, and then wasting a year trying to get out of our contract.

We had to pay Jade Tree a lot of money to get out of our contract, and we feel like that money was essentially a reward to them for mismanaging their label and for being neglectful to their responsibilities to their roster. It is a shitty situation for us to be in, but we felt that putting out a second album on Jade Tree would have been a worse option, so we left. We know that most other bands on Jade Tree have had to go through the same nightmare that we did, and that most of the roster from the time we signed has left and gone to other labels, and I know that there are a lot of bands that are angry with the label.

There is this great magazine article that has the guy who runs Jade Tree doing this trip over seas to see this football match. I read it and just thought, like, "wow, all this time that I couldn't get a hold of this guy for eight months that's where he's at. All the money we had to give them to get out of our contract — that's where it's going." Life is frustrating sometimes.

The Chemicals of Common Life will be out on Matador this October.

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