Fucked Up Announce New Album 'One Day'

Watch a video for the title track

BY Allie GregoryPublished Oct 25, 2022

Fucked Up have announced a new album titled One Day, arriving January 27, 2023, through Merge Records.

Named after the length of time it took to write and record, the album is the brainchild of guitarist Mike Haliechuk, who got to work on its 10 tracks in three eight-hour sessions in trying to distill the core sound of Fucked Up.

"After you've been in a band for this long, you lose track of what your sound actually is," he explained in a statement. "Twenty-four hours can feel like a long time, but you can get a lot done then, too. It can feel like forever and one minute at the same time. If you work on something for one day, it can end up being really special."

Drummer Jonah Falco added: "I got this email from Mike saying, 'I made this record in one day, and I want you to record drums on it — but you can't listen to it before you get into the studio.' I saw layers upon layers of guitar loops, and I dove in head-first and came out of it with a finished record."

He continued:

This record is about how we see time passing in our lives. It represents the realization of what Fucked Up's songwriting process has always been, which is the genesis of an idea from one person spread to other members. All of the development happened spontaneously with this album, which meant no time to second-guess. You had to be confident.

Today, the group share the album's title track, which arrives alongside a music video directed by Colin Medley. Shot inside Toronto's Great Hall, it showcases the choreography of Lauren Runions performed by dancers Amanda Pye and Tavia Christina. Watch that below, where you'll also find the album's tracklisting.

The band are due to perform two nights at Toronto's Nineteen Seventy-Eight this week (October 28 and 29). Find more details about those shows here

One Day:

1. Found
2. I Think I Might Be Weird
3. Huge New Her
4. Lords of Kensington
5. Broken Little Boys
6. Nothing's Immortal
7. Falling Right Under
8. One Day
9. Cicada
10. Roar

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