Fuck the Facts Unnamed EP

Fuck the Facts <i>Unnamed EP</i>
EXCLUSIVE TRACK OF THE DAY: One of few Canadian bands heralded in the international world of grindcore, Ottawa's Fuck The Facts are so musically belligerent that in their 12-year history they've become virtually unmatched and almost indefinable. Their last effort, 2008's Disgorge Mexico was an experience in aural lobotomies.

Still, their ever-changing Great White Grind continues to mutate, resulting in latest explosive encounter, the independently-released Unnamed EP. Firing off six tracks in a whopping 11-plus minutes, the experience is just as vitriolic and explosive as their earliest tunes while still unique, refined, creative and bold. Essentially, it's yet another fine example of the ravenous, rabid fury the band continues to build up, even as they approach a decade-and-a-half of distorted frenzy.

Thanks to the band's generosity, this exclusive stream allows you to hear the EP in its entirety. Compare longest track "La Tete hors de L'eau," which clocks in at an ungodly 3:38 as compared to the most concise offering "Doghead" which wraps up in a blinding 36 seconds.

Listen to Fuck the Facts Unnamed EP below.