Front Line Assembly Vanished

It has only been a few months since the full-length Civilization was released, and already the duo of Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber have more dark electronica for fans to brood over. The highlight of the EP is the "Vanished — Illusions of Grandeur Mix” where sinister whispers and dark beats are layered under futuristically robotic vocals. The result is a menacing track that will no doubt find its way onto many DJ’s play lists. The follow-up of three B-sides is less exciting however. While "Uncivilized” and "Disseminate” are decent tracks, their repetitive nature is quite distracting and thusly not enough to warrant purchase of the disc. Closing off the EP is the "Vanished — Re-Entry Mix.” This time around a more solid approach is taken to the mix that, while almost as good as the first track, lacks the complexity and energy. Despite the apparent flaws however this EP does have substance. It will be interesting to hear what FLA’s next full-length release will have to offer. (Metropolis)