From A Second Story Window Conversations

From A Second Story Window’s third release, Conversations, encompasses music of lethal lows that are contrasted by heavenly highs, and is strikingly similar to the Devil Wears Prada. The odd aspect is that the band’s label happens to be Metal Blade, which isn’t exactly the place most would expect them to call home. Conversations offers what any band playing this bag usually does: thrashing/harmony-ridden guitars; belly busting/clean vocals; ridiculous percussion work; and a repetitive compilation of music. Each song seems to begin with a double bass-heavy, growling attack that’s soon subdued by Will Jackson’s clean vocals. Much of the time this can provide levity by creating a want for more windmill-inspired rhythms but knowing it’s coming each time is disappointing. From A Second Story Window have made an album that may get some attention from the bandana and baseball cap crowd but next time the band are at the drawing board they might want to think about being creative. (Metal Blade)