'Hip-Hop's Greatest Producers' to Get Their Due in New Book

Toronto-based writer Riley Wallace has launched a crowdfunding campaign for 'From Boom Bap to Trap'
'Hip-Hop's Greatest Producers' to Get Their Due in New Book
In the world of hip-hop, rappers get all the love — but what about the producers who bring their rhymes to life? Beatmakers are finally getting their due in the upcoming book From Boom Bap to Trap: Hip-Hop's Greatest Producers, due for release in the spring of 2022 by Hamilcar Publications. As the book nears completion, its team has launched a Kickstarter campaign.

The book comes courtesy of Toronto-based writer, illustrator and rapper Riley Wallace (who, full disclosure, is also an Exclaim! contributor). From Boom Bap to Trap features profiles on a wide range of hip-hop producers, from household names like Dr. Dre, RZA and MF DOOM to unsung heroes such as Easy Mo Bee and Johnny "J."

Wallace said in a statement, "Until now, hip-hop heads have been forced to navigate a sea of wiki entries, incomplete bios and confusing credits (or none at all), which has caused some mind-melting tracks to be underappreciated or completely undiscovered. No more."

Donors to the Kickstarter can purchase a variety of perks, including two different "special editions" of the book with colour illustrations, a deck of cards featuring notable producers from the book, and a poster. If the crowdfunding campaign exceeds its goal of $25,000 USD, additional perks will be unlocked including a new Wallace-illustrated poster of DMX, new music by J57 and Bronze Nazareth, and a "bonus chapter by [an] A-list hip-hop icon."

As of press time, the campaign has raised $3,030, with 31 days left.

Check out the Kickstarter here for more information.